When I got off work today, I made a little trip to the grocery store. As I was walking down the aisles making my usual “in and out” dash, I noticed a slight haze in the air around me. Time seemed to slow down, and I took careful notice of the faces around me. To my right, was the young 18 year old girl that we had just processed that was involved in a fatal accident the day before. Her jaw was still twisted and open, and her eyes, slightly shut with that last look of surprise on her face. Behind me was the three year old rear passenger of another fatal accident, where the members of both vehicles were killed. The girl was ejected and killed immediately, all because the other driver was drunk and trying to get to a Ravens football game. To my left, was the young lady who was shot to death when she got into an argument with the boyfriend of her ex. She still had the holes in her head. It took all of my power to shake those images off, to just get them out of my head. But they haunted me. It was then that I realized that we waste far too much time on the things that don’t matter. If we just took time to slow down, to not keep up with the latest FB post, to not worry about partying every night, to just appreciate….life. Not just our own, but others. If we could just slow down….maybe more of us would wake up.



The blog had its first few likes in the past couple of days we have been active, and I’m thankful for the encouragement.  In the process of responding, I came across a great page that discussed blogging in a summary (Thanks, Christian Mihai!).  So, I decided to take advantage of the advice and engage the readers.  What is this blog really about?  You can read the about page, but that’s really about a mission, a purpose.  This blog is really about YOU.  I have to emphasize, its not really about religion, but clarity on issues that cloud all of our minds.  I know when I was in school, we were encouraged to ask questions because “someone else is always asking the same thing in their head”.  Well, this forum is an opportunity to raise your hand and be heard.  The solution to your problems, or even just the discussion could help “heal” thousands!  Feel free to post comments/suggestions/questions in any of the sections.

Not just another blog…

It is important to know that this blog is for others to post their concerns, questions, requests for information, and any other issues that are relating to personal and/or spiritual struggles.  This is not about “religion” but rather how we deal with the problems and issues we face every day.  There are those of us that monitor this blog that serve as Chaplains in various areas: military, fire, police, medical, etc.  As such, we deal as an Interfaith entity and are not concerned with religion as much as we are spiritual issues.  That being said, each of us stands by our own faith with conviction, but we are available to those in need.  When a soldier that is dying is seeking answers, we don’t ask first what their belief is.  So, we encourage you to post your thought-provoking questions in hopes that we can be of assistance to each of you.  It’s kind of like school: do you get more out of a class where the instructor lectures, or where you get to participate and drive the discussion?


For those of you viewing this, you already understand the term “I’ve got your six”.  However, if this term is new to you, it is derived from the military and was an aviator term mostly used by military pilots while engaged in flight operations.  It basically means I have your back or I will protect you from anything coming at you from behind your field of vision.  Think of it this way – Imagine a clock-face placed directly over the aircraft with 12 oclock in dead center and looking forward of the aircraft.  So – 6 oclock would be directly behind the aircraft.  Thus the term – I have your six.

So, in the spiritual sense, that is the essence of this blog.  We, as Chaplains, are often not seen on the front lines, but we are always present during combat.  We are always there in times of need, and even before  tragedy strikes, we are continuously praying for individuals from all walks of life.  Spiritual support is not religion; we are in the business of saving souls and lives.  Even when you don’t ask for it, we have your six.

S.O.C.O.M. – Soldiers of Christ Outreach Ministries

Every day hundreds or thousands of ministry ideas and organizations are created and posted on the internet.  However, very few of these, if any, have a substance like SOCOM.  Visit their site and decide if you would like to join this Army of God.