For those of you viewing this, you already understand the term “I’ve got your six”.  However, if this term is new to you, it is derived from the military and was an aviator term mostly used by military pilots while engaged in flight operations.  It basically means I have your back or I will protect you from anything coming at you from behind your field of vision.  Think of it this way – Imagine a clock-face placed directly over the aircraft with 12 oclock in dead center and looking forward of the aircraft.  So – 6 oclock would be directly behind the aircraft.  Thus the term – I have your six.

So, in the spiritual sense, that is the essence of this blog.  We, as Chaplains, are often not seen on the front lines, but we are always present during combat.  We are always there in times of need, and even before  tragedy strikes, we are continuously praying for individuals from all walks of life.  Spiritual support is not religion; we are in the business of saving souls and lives.  Even when you don’t ask for it, we have your six.


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