Not just another blog…

It is important to know that this blog is for others to post their concerns, questions, requests for information, and any other issues that are relating to personal and/or spiritual struggles.  This is not about “religion” but rather how we deal with the problems and issues we face every day.  There are those of us that monitor this blog that serve as Chaplains in various areas: military, fire, police, medical, etc.  As such, we deal as an Interfaith entity and are not concerned with religion as much as we are spiritual issues.  That being said, each of us stands by our own faith with conviction, but we are available to those in need.  When a soldier that is dying is seeking answers, we don’t ask first what their belief is.  So, we encourage you to post your thought-provoking questions in hopes that we can be of assistance to each of you.  It’s kind of like school: do you get more out of a class where the instructor lectures, or where you get to participate and drive the discussion?


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