The blog had its first few likes in the past couple of days we have been active, and I’m thankful for the encouragement.  In the process of responding, I came across a great page that discussed blogging in a summary (Thanks, Christian Mihai!).  So, I decided to take advantage of the advice and engage the readers.  What is this blog really about?  You can read the about page, but that’s really about a mission, a purpose.  This blog is really about YOU.  I have to emphasize, its not really about religion, but clarity on issues that cloud all of our minds.  I know when I was in school, we were encouraged to ask questions because “someone else is always asking the same thing in their head”.  Well, this forum is an opportunity to raise your hand and be heard.  The solution to your problems, or even just the discussion could help “heal” thousands!  Feel free to post comments/suggestions/questions in any of the sections.


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