About Me

Author Darrell HerveyGot Your 6 is a blog supporting individuals in the military, public safety communities and the general public who are seeking to connect on common issues. The mission is to provide information, insight, and protection against the spiritual attacks, burdens and pressure that come with these professions.  Oftentimes, civilians do not understand the world we are exposed to, but, as Chaplains who have served in these areas, we are equipped to provide support in times of need, before and after tragedy may strike.  This site is not designed to regurgitate a single point of view.  This site is not about religion. This blog is for you, the reader, to ask questions, share information and stories, and help expand our visions outside of our own lives.  Without connecting with others, we cannot learn to avoid mistakes, or find additional paths to success. I am a Chaplain, I am a Cop, I am a Soldier, I am here for YOU.