The Daily Grind

Wake up.  Take a shower.  Get dressed.  Drive through traffic.  Arrive at work. Go home.  Repeat.

So for many of us, our days seem repetitive, and, at least for me, I have to always double check and find out exactly what it was that I accomplished for the day.  Over time I have learned that we must take time out of the daily grind and rediscover our true purpose and calling.  It took me years to understand that I didn’t have to become someone different at home than I was at work.  I didn’t have to put up the fronts, or tolerate the foolishness, and bring all that home just to complain and return to face it the next day.  I learned that my work (in this case law enforcement) didn’t truly define who I was and shouldn’t keep me from being myself.

Why am I focusing on this?  Because, I think that the majority of us who are used to wearing different hats, whether they be mother, father, husband, wife, boss or laborer, do not understand that our careers are just a layer of who we truly are.  We act differently at work than at home, or for those of us that are spiritual, we struggle between the identities of who we are in private versus the public.  Many of our soldiers and public safety personnel struggle with this on a daily basis, not truly understanding that their true identity lies much deeper than the uniform we wear.  Unfortunately, because these professions constantly pull on our energy and require us to bare the burden of other people’s lives, we are stuck in a perpetual cycle that eventually causes stress in our homes and with our families, in addition to the regular stress that life brings.

The lesson?  Step back and take a breath.  Re-evaluate what’s important.  What did you truly accomplish today during your daily grind and how has it helped you or someone else?