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Please post any questions, issues or concerns surrounding professional or work related issues on this page.


3 thoughts on “Professional Issues

  1. My transition from boots to suits has been hard and I fear that, without intending, many companies are overlooking the essential skills that veterans bring. I have both a Bachelor and Master of Science in criminal justice disciplines but, because I chose ten years of service, am ten years behind my competitors. Coupled with a shoddy track record since leaving the service (PTSD is real) I find myself hopeless and without options.


    • Billy,
      First, let me acknowledge your service to this country and thank you for it. Second, I want to say that you have achieved an exceptional feat by obtaining a primary and advanced degree. It is critical that we (meaning you) acknowledge your achievements and that you don’t have to apologize for your successes. Even your 10 years of service is a “real” job and far overshadows many of the equivalent civilian positions.

      To us, it’s obvious that you are qualified to work in a variety of fields. Unfortunately, on the surface, civilians too often perceive veterans like us (educated and experienced) as a threat. A threat to what or whom? I don’t think there is a simple answer. As a Chaplain, I find myself often admitting that we don’t always have the answers, but somehow we must still work to find a solution. So let’s look at your situation.

      1. What is your specific background (military service) and to what field or fields are you applying (police, security, etc)?
      2. Is PTSD having a negative effect on your job search experience?
      3. How does your “shoddy” track record truly impact the employment process (criminal record, medical issues, etc)?
      4. What is your support system (family, friends, etc)?

      If we can address some of these points, maybe we can find a strategy to deal with this challenge. The reality is that your situation may take more attention, but that is exactly what this forum is designed to provide: positive support and resources. For example, I have a similar background, coupled with almost 20 years in law enforcement. But due to personal issues, I had a setback. Then I found myself with doors closing everywhere I turned. Was it my age? My background? Why didn’t anyone see the potential? Doesn’t everyone make mistakes? I had to take a hard look at the direction I was going in and realize that while I had a rich foundation, I needed a different approach. I accepted the fact that traditional law enforcement was no longer an option; however, I could still be an investigator. So (with much prayer in my case) I found a position that was just as good as any one in a traditional agency.

      Of course, each case is different, but if you don’t get anything else out of this post, please get this: the situation is NOT hopeless, and you are NOT without options. I hope to get a good, honest reply from you, but if you ever want to communicate confidentially, feel free to email me at


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